Kick Back & Relax

Published: May 20, 2024

The Northwoods are scenic, calm, and a place to connect with the simpler pleasures in life. From the soothing lap of the lake’s waves to the crackle of the fire, we have many ways to get you to unplug and reconnect in natural ways. Tomahawk has opportunities for camping, hiking, biking, kayaking and paddle boarding.

Many of our lakes are fed by rivers and streams, making for some excellent kayaking along routes you can meander on for hours. Putting in just below the Hat Rapids dam and paddling down the Wisconsin River can take you anywhere from a couple hours to a full day. The Wisconsin River flows into 1,400 acre Lake Alice, where you can find fishing, island beaches and great scenery. Want to float into Lake Nokomis? Put in off Swamp Lake Road and wind your way down the Nokomis River. There are a couple portage spots, but the route is a leisurely all-day float. Bring your fishing gear to cast from shore, or take advantage of the sandbars for some swimming. You can create some great routes or just put in and explore a lake in an area you never have!

On land, immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the area by seeking out some of our best hiking trails. We have a variety of options for many different levels of hikers. Just blocks from downton Tomahawk, Bradley Park has a great network of trails that range from leisurely to adventurous and everything between. Looking for a higher peak? Head over to Timm’s Hill. Not only does Timm’s Hill Park boast the highest natural point in Wisconsin, it offers 10 miles of trails. Everyone from hikers to horseback riders are welcome year-round on these non-motorized paths.

The Harrison Hills trail segment is a beautiful hiking section that can get you a few steps closer to completing the Ice Age Trail, which spans a total 1,200 miles and 30 counties across Wisconsin. We’re also not far from a second segment of the Ice Age Trail, down by Grandfather Falls. This segment features a 4 mile trail running right alongside the Wisconsin River, and Grandfather Falls holds the title of the highest waterfall on the Wisconsin River!

After a day exploring our neck of the woods, there is nothing better than finding a camp chair, pulling up next to a fire and roasting up marshmallows for some s’mores. Tomahawk has many options to make just that happen. From cozy cabins to tranquil campgrounds, you are bound to find the right spot to make wholesome memories in the Northwoods. So, kick back, relax and come to Tomahawk!

-Author, Tomahawk Regional Chamber of Commerce