Go Fish in Tomahawk

Published: March 27, 2024

Get Out There

With idyllic lakes surrounded by lush forests, the Northwoods is the ideal place to find your adventure or simply relax. Whether you’re a single traveler, or bringing everyone and the dog, there is so much to discover in Tomahawk! There’s over 15,000 acres of water to explore in Lincoln County alone, so you’re bound to find the right lake, river, or flowage for your interests. Let’s delve into the top recreational activities in the area!

Cast Your Day Away 

Tie a lure on and hit the water! Tomahawk is surrounded by excellent fishing waters that have created unique fishing opportunities. Try your luck at ‘the fish of ten thousand casts’ by fishing on some of the well-known musky water, head over to some of the sandy bottom lakes for walleye fishing, or stick with the classic worm and bobber pan fishing. The Wisconsin, Tomahawk, Little Somo and Spirit Rivers all flow through various lakes in the area, making for a plethora of choice fishing. 

Many of the waters around our area have a wide variety of fish. If you’re in it for a specific species, we have the resources to get you in those spots. Muskellunge are one of the most coveted trophies in our waters. We have numerous tournaments in the area yearly specifically for musky. Lake Mohawksin flows right through our little city and provides some of the best musky fishing. Gregg Nimmer, with Nimmers Swimmers Lures, puts in regularly at the SARA Park landing. “I get out there early, and fish from trestle to trestle all day and get multiple follows and hits.” Greg also mentioned that with the numerous quality ambush spots throughout the reservoir, a thriving ecosystem both in and out of the water, and structure with excellent hiding locations, you are bound to get quality follows and bites. This reservoir can be daunting, as it is such a massive expanse of water, but if you take your time and break it down in sections it might just become one of your favorite bodies of water. 

Another body of water that is becoming the talk of our area is the Willow Reservoir. The Willow is a secluded body of water that offers fishing of all kinds from pan to small mouth, and most known for walleye. The Willow sits about thirty minutes northwest of Tomahawk in a remote area. Being out of the way has benefitted the fishing in numerous ways. Chatting with Tim Buffington of L.V.O. Guide Services, we talked about how the Willow has slot limits that are doing wonders for big fish. “It’s a fish factory,” Tim said at one point. He guides up there regularly, saying that he keeps pulling out bigger walleye each time. He attributes the fish size to not only the slot limits but also the reproduction rates. Owned mostly by the Wisconsin DNR and protected from development, the Willow Reservoir offers a great ecosystem with a sandy bottom coupled with deep pockets resulting in phenomenal walleye fishing. 

If you are wanting to take the family out for fun fast action on the water, the panfish are plentiful in a majority of the lakes. Regardless of what species you are fishing for, Tomahawk will have a lake to fit that niche. The ever popular Lake Nokomis is known for watersports, but hidden under the surface is a remarkable amount of panfish just waiting to strike. Lake Alice has an abundance of fishing, even if navigation can be tricky if you are unfamiliar with the waters. Check in with our local sports shops (like Chuck’s in town, or Kracker Barrel BP in Nokomis) to talk about the latest fishing intel and get your gear. We’ll see you on the water!

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-Author, Tomahawk Regional Chamber of Commerce