Lake Alice

Boating/Kayaking, Fishing

For more than a century, people have been enjoying his lake on the Wisconsin River. In 1911, a dam called “King’s Dam” was completed to power massive electric generators to run a pulp mill. Some construction workers were present on the new dam as some young women, including an angler named Alice, were fishing nearby. The men overheard one of the anglers refer to the new lake as “Alice’s Lake.” The name stuck.

Lake Alice is still a popular fishing spot. At just under 1,400 acres, it’s a great fishing lake that holds musky, pike, bass and walleye. It is best known for its excellent pan fishing: anglers catch perch, bluegills and crappies. Lake Alice is also an excellent place for paddling and boating—there are miles of beautiful shoreline to explore. You’ll find a boat landing on Horseshoe Road, off Highway A.