Lincoln County Snowmobile Trails – CLOSED

Published: January 29, 2024

Lincoln County’s County Administrated Trails in all Zones remain CLOSED. While groomers have been out in some locations, lack of snow means no approximate trail opening date. 



Remember that off trail riding is trespassing and could result in closure or loss of trails and citations and fines for those who participate.

If you are able, please consider volunteering with any of our clubs to help keep trails open and safe!



Lincoln County Snowmobile/Winter ATV Maps can be downloaded from the Lincoln County website.

Visit the Tomahawk Chamber at 208 North 4th Street, Mon-Fri 8-4, for the most current trail maps provided by our Clubs, available for a $2 donation.

Knight Owls Snowmobile Club

Northern Trails Unlimited Snowmobile Club

Northwoods Passage Snowmobile Club

-Author, Tomahawk Regional Chamber of Commerce