Tomahawk Board of Director Nominations

Nominations are now being accepted for two upcoming Board of Director at-large positions.

This year, the Board of Directors (BOD) is announcing a Call for Nominations for two Board positions to be filled in the 2022-23 election.

All Members are encouraged to provide qualified nominations based on the roles and responsibilities and key interests and capabilities for the Board position.

The Tomahawk Regional Chamber of Commerce BOD receives and reviews all qualified nominations for their allocated Board positions in that year, thoroughly assess the match of each nominee with the expertise required for each position (based on roles and responsibilities and key interests and capabilities), and place candidates on the slate.

Final selections among the candidates on the slate will be determined by a vote of the Membership at the October Annual Meeting.

New Board members take office immediately following the vote.

Who may serve on the Board?

The Chamber’s bylaws state: The Board should be represented by at least one (1) Member from each of the following segments of the business community: Retail, manufacturing, service/professional, accommodations/attractions.

The remainder of the seats shall be filled to reflect a cross section of the community.

That is, any business owner or employee of a Tomahawk-area based business that is also a Chamber Member in good standing.

What is the term?

Directors are elected annually for a term of three (3) years, for not more than three (3) consecutive elected terms.

What is the commitment?

The Board of Directors meets monthly. The Commitment to Serve states that Directors agree to:

• Establish as a high priority my attendance at all meetings of the Board and Board committees on which I serve
• Serve on at least one committee, attend committee meetings, and participate in the accomplishment of its objectives
• Participate in the annual strategic planning meeting
• Support Chamber activities by attending the majority of such events including Quitting Times, the Chamber’s Annual Dinner, Chamber events and fundraisers, etc.

Download the full Statement: Board Commitment Statement PDF

Download the full Chamber Bylaws: Bylaws Revisions 2019 PDF

Contact us at [email protected] with nominations!